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                                                 Maggiano's Chevy Chase
                                              5333 Wisconsin Avenue, NW
                                                  Washington, D.C. 20015
                                                          (202) 966-5500 

October 11, 2018           Dr. Jarom Ray                                                                                                            "Targeted Endodontic Microsurgery: 3D-Guides
                                        withTrephine Burs in Anatomically Challenging Scenarios"

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November 1, 2018         Dr. Ray Dionne                                                                                                           "Analgesic Prescribing in the Opiod Overdose Epidemic:
                                       Fall 2018 Update"

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February 28, 2019         Dr. Rahim Karmali                                                                                                      "Acute Myofascial Pain and the Endodontic Connection"

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March 21, 2019              Dr. B. Ellen Byrne                                                                                                       "Top Drugs with Implications for Dental Treatment"

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April 4, 2019                   Resident Table Clinics and Research Presentations

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